Stark Naked nutrition

Who am I?

Helping professional women become stronger Mothers, healthier wives, and better support systems to the people who rely on them by showing them how to build stronger bodies, lose unwanted fat, and look good stark naked.

Work with Me

Inspire, uplift, encourage and empower you to live a fit and healthy lifestyle for yourself. Together we will create sustainable change that gets you the results you want. Join me in unleashing your inner fierce and fit self you have been striving to become.

Beginner Bodyweight Training Course

One of my go to programs which has been getting my clients amazing results for years. Quick yet effective bodyweight home workouts you can perform anytime, anywhere! Tailored for beginners.

What People Say About Me

After achieving a 30 lb weight loss on my own, and feeling as if I’d reached a plateau, I contacted Felicia Starks Fitness regarding nutrition coaching services. Because I am a mother and wife who works full time, I wanted an effective, but simple meal plan. Felicia provided just that. After one week of following her plan with no deviations, I noticed that my clothes were looser. I felt more energized, lighter, and less bloated.
- Monica Black